1939 Elliott Small Mantle Clock

The next item to recently arrive is this lovely 1939 Elliott single fusee Small Mantle Clock. In as found condition and by the looks of the years of grime and patina on the movement, in untouched condition. The case is in fantastic condition and the silvering on the dial remains in good condition. 

Item 2 AM chair in disguise.

Another of the items delivered by Russell was this 1937 dated AM stamped chair that someone in the past has decided to paint white.  Now I’m not one to go changing original furniture and when I saw this one I thought I’d better rescue it even though it has been liberally covered up.  Showing all the usual characteristics of chair general purpose 21B/538 from the RAFs pattern book the frame is in excellent sturdy condition, the AM markings and date are still clearly visible through the paint and it is complete. A lovely chair that will end up in the white office upstairs. 

Latest delivery arrived at last.

Hurrah at last Russell my courier arrived with my latest finds.  Here is the first item, a stunning 14″ white dial RAF station clock.  In untouched original condition.  The movement is dated 1941 and made be Elliott.  The box and case are dated 1938 suggesting a marriage at some point when being repaired.  The back box itself has a beautiful AM and crown stamp to the top left corner and also fantastically has retained a stores sticker applied post war and also the often seen stores reference numbers and ‘R’ symbol with correct code for a white dial clock stencilled on in white paint.  All lovely original markings that add to the history of the clock.  The bezel is painted in the regular black tone down finish too.  This one is a keeper I think. 

Elliot type 1 white dial clock.

Here we have a lovingly restored type 1 Elliot white dial.  Although many people dread owning a restored clock for lack of authenticity, this clock needed the work doing to rescue it.  The dial has been repainted and the movement beautiful serviced and the case cleaned.  The movement is clearly stamped with the Elliot signature and a 1941 date.  The rear box has a wonderful AM Elliot stamp to the bottom centre unlike in the usual top left corner and is dated 1938. Presumably at some point in the clocks service with the RAF, a younger movement was fitted .  A lovely clock with a lovely history.

1938 SM&Co mantel clock.

Finally oh finally I managed to open this clocks case.  After purchasing at auction it arrived with the rear door locked and key rattling about inside.  None of my spares would work and fearing the worst of possibly having to jimmy it open, I remembered the first mantel I purchased from Bexhill was an SM&Co too and had the key. To my joy it’s key worked and hey presto here are some pictures of it.  A lovely SM&Co clock, in original condition. Pendulum lock is still present and the silvering on the dial is in great condition.  A beautiful clock which would look fantastic in any home.

1920s RAF billet bedside shelving unit.

Whilst browsing the depths of eBay I stumbled across a small shelving unit that I recognised from photo research I have been doing.  I found this small unit that would have once lived alongside an airmans bed in their billet or barrack block.  I have also recently found some lockers that would have been in these early blocks too and hung above the airmans bed.  This unit has a beautiful towel rail on the back of it and is beautifully constructed for such a run of the mill item.  Check out the picture of an RAF 1920s billet to see how such a unitvwould have been placed and also the presence of the overhead lockers.  


Hurrah. After a few weeks away my upholsterer at the amazing Reloved Upholstery in Manchester has come up trumps again.  These two gorgeous chairs will be for sale through the Reloved upholstery website shortly.  The chairs came from the ATC unit still at Biggin Hill who were disposing of surplus items some years ago.  They had been gifted the chairs from the RAF station as it closed.  I acquired these chairs and have had them in storage until now.  The old destroyed coverings were removed and the internals renewed and replaced like for like where required to keep as much of the chairs original as possible.  The frames were all stamped with the AM mark and some a 1944 date.  An original example of the chair can be found at the RAF museum reserve collection at Stafford.  These chairs have been covered in London Underground coverings and conform to all modern fire standards etc.  The frames have been stripped and repolished.   Really lovely chairs expertly restored. 


3 years ago whilst living in sunny Brussels I found in the wonder that is eBay, a genuine Air Ministry RAF reclining chair.  Now, as fate would have it I purchased the chair only to be emailed shortly after to say it was gone, and being in Belgium I could do nothing about it.  Anyway, after licking my wounds, and purchasing every other RAF chair, clock, coat hanger or anything AM I could find in withdrawal I have finally found and had delivered a beautiful RAF reclining chair. Rare as hens teeth this beautiful chair is original apart from the new covering that replaced the destroyed old vynide.  These chairs are often seen in dispersal images and ante rooms. This chair is constructed of oak and is AM stamped and dated on the underside. The year is 1939. A makers signature in west Wycombe can also be seen.  Enjoy the pics .

Brews up Sir!

Recently landed at my house was another stunning little pre-war China officers mess cup.  Perfect for that espresso. With a lovely blue and gold guilt border to both the cup and saucer and amazingly detailed RAF crest to both again, this set was produced by George Jones and Sons and Royal Daulton.

21B/447 Chair arm folding find.

After a trip to the RAF Museum Reserve collection some time ago and viewing the catalogue of RAF issued furniture from the 1930s, I managed to stumble upon one of the rarer chairs that were issued early on in RAF history.  Here we have a gorgeous folding steamer chair or as the catalogue states, ‘chair arm foldin’ stores code reference 21B/447, the 447 indicating that this is a very early pattern of furniture.  

The chair has a weaved backing and vynide seat covering fastened by studs to the frame.  The chair is not stamped with the AM logo rather a small WK and crown symbol that is found on other Air Ministry issue equipment including clocks and other furniture.  

A lovely piece that is certainly incredibly rare and in great condition.  Oh and apologies for the poor pictures. Moving home has meant a decent backdrop is hard to find.