In the words of Bernard Matthews …. Buuutiful!

Here are some stickback chairs. One has metal plate tacked on identifying it from the Rolls Royce factory in glasgow which was supplied by the Air Ministry. The chair is also stamped 1940 underneath which ties in with the factories establishment. An e bay spot hurrah!





Air Ministry madness

My name is Andy, I am a self confessed and unashamed lover of anything Air Ministry.  The Air Ministry was a British government department operating between the wars and during the Second World War.  It looked after the business of the RAF and supplied it with much if it’s equipment.  I sadly for my partner am hooked on this stuff and collect anything with an air ministry marking.  I thought I would set up this blog for any other wing nuts that are into this stuff.

Here are some pictures of an RAF air ministry marked folding chair often seen in dispersal points or briefing rooms.