Grandad Bell LAC 1535662

My dad’s dad served in number 76 squadron during WW2 stationed at Holme on spalding moor, Linton on Ouse and Middleton st George then at Poona in India. I blame him for my RAF history craving.




5 thoughts on “Grandad Bell LAC 1535662

  1. My Father LAC 1046594 Reginald Evans also served with 76 Squadron at Holme on Spalding Thornaby, Linton and Middleton St. George. He passed away May 1960, I was aged 6 at the time. The only item I had of his was a Squadron photograph which was sadly lost during a family move many years ago. I have tried in vain to uncover another copy, the one on your site looks as if it could be the one. Can you let me know if it is 76 Squadron? would it be possible to get a close up photocopy of the right wing on which I believe may show my father on top of one of the engines. If it proves to be the correct photograph I would be willing if its possible to pay for a complete copy photograph to be made.

    • Hi Wayne. Yip that picture is 76 squadron. All of them, man and boy sitting on and around one of their Halifaxes with Leonard Cheshire their leader at the centre. I am away on a course today but will pop a close up when I get home. The picture is sealed up in a frame I had made as it is about 3ft long so sadly I can’t get it out to make a copy without undoing the frame. It is all sealed in. I do recall a second copy of the picture which was smaller but in better condition. I was racking my brain as to where I put it. I think it is at my parents house in some of my stuff I left with them after I moved. If you are ok to wait a short while ( I live in Brussels and don’t go home very often) I will happily make you a copy and send it to you or get it scanned properly and e mail you it. Either way we can deffinatley sort something out. I am going to research my grandad a bit. The RAF have their records separately from the public records office. There is a form on the net you can download and send to them. They will send you their records for a £30 fee I think. Anyway speak soon.

      • Thanks Andy

        Any assistance great fully recieved. I have contacted RAF in past but without detail of photograph, ref. number etc. they couldn’t help. Could be I contacted wrong section if you have any contact details again appreciated.

  2. Hi Andy.
    I’m just researching my grandfather who was also in 76 squadron and have come across this amazing photograph of yours. I was wondering if I also would be able to have a copy of it? I’ve grown up with the stories but have very few photographs of him in uniform at this time – many in training but only two I think once he was with the Halifax.
    Kind regards

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