Utility, War Drawing or Chinograph? Hmmmmmm choices.

Here is a set of 1940s pencils. Made by various companies including royal sovereign, eagle pencil co, Venus pencil co and cumberland pencil company. These were supplied to the armed forces and civil service. Some had ‘utility’ stamps, or ‘war drawing’ and some ‘AM’. Lovely items with stationary office and crown logo, and air ministry and crown logo. My air ministry examples came courtesy of David Farnsworth at http://www.historicflyingclothing.com






Time for dinner!

Here is a full cutlery set as issued to airmen. The knife and fork come stamped with the chaps service number. Both spoon and fork have the makers stamp and AM motif on the reverse and the knife the AM monogram on he blade. Much to my surprise, finding an AM stamped knife has taken me 2 years as apparently they are much harder to find than the forks and spoons. So it is nice to have a complete set. These came in a manky pouch which I haven’t photographed.