On your bike Mr airman!!!

Here is an old Armstrong bicycle complete with ‘RAF’ and serial number stamped into its frame at the headset. Underneath the shabby black paint can be seen a tinge of blue paint.
I am hoping to restore this bicycle with some tender loving care.




2 thoughts on “On your bike Mr airman!!!

  1. Hi Andrew,
    I recently found a nice original example of the Armstrong RAF bicycle with it’s original paint and roundels still visible.
    I wondered if you know more about those bikes and RAF serial numbers stamped into the frame.
    If you want I can send you some pictures of it. I heard you’re living in Belgium, well me too, near Gent (working in Brussels). So If one day you want to see it to compare with yours, let me know !
    Best regards,

    • Hi Bernard. I live back in the UK now sadly but if I’m ever back over in Brussels and Belgium I’ll pop by and have a look at your bike. Some pictures would be great. My email is airministrybybuttons@hotmail.com. Feel free to message me on that. I’m not worldly wise on RAF bicycles but it seems they were made by a few makers with Armstrong being one of them. I’ll have a look through my notes and see what information I can find. Thank you ever so much for getting in touch. Andy

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