Time on my hands! Ex RAF Kirkbride and Great Orton

On my layover in the UK I took some time to pop Arthur my R32 back on the road. With this in mind and some lovely british late summer weather burning hole in my conscience, I took a drive out to the old sites of RAF Kirkbride and Great Orton (Wiggonby). Not much is left of Orton except its watch tower and a few other brick structures, but at Kirkbride much of the technical site and huge hangers remain. With in trepidation I took a wander around, despite some random builders and car mechanics staring at me! Well worth a look IMHO!





RAF Armstrong bicycle tear down.

After an unexpected layover in the UK I thought I’d take some time to start restoring the old RAF bicycle I purchased some time ago. I intend to take off the running gear and get that all serviced and restored. The frame I am unsure of. It has been coated in black paint but underneath the disasterous black paint can be clearly seen the original RAF blue grey colour. Underneath on the frame gearing I found some more serial numbers and on the headset stamped into the frame is RAF then a serial number. Any suggestions as to how to take the black off but retain the blue would be very welcome.



Harry the Hawk and Norah Wellings

Here is a dinky little stuffed toy, produced by Norah Wellings for the RAF comforts fund during the Second World War. With red lips and eyes looking right and even a small parachute in his pack it really is very cute. Very hard to find I believe. On the left foot is the Norah Wellings makers label and under his collar a label for the RAF comforts fund. The only item missing is a tiny set of goggles which I imagine got lost straight away and a paper label it was sold with. A lovely item and certainly one to cherish. I purchased this one from the ever reliable historic flying clothing company led by David Farnsworth http://www.historicflyingclothing.com





IKEA rocks!!

A recent trip to ikea for some bedroom drawers to ‘HACK’ also resulted in finding these hooks. A quick bit of DIY Andy and they made a great storage solution and display method for some of my folding chairs. Here is a US stamped folding chair by Dearborn that I bought from a farmer in Charleroi near Brussels. His father had acquired the chair and two others I had from the American Army after the left the area that had been used as a landing site during the invasion of Europe. Charleroi is now Brussels south airport.