RAF Armstrong bicycle tear down.

After an unexpected layover in the UK I thought I’d take some time to start restoring the old RAF bicycle I purchased some time ago. I intend to take off the running gear and get that all serviced and restored. The frame I am unsure of. It has been coated in black paint but underneath the disasterous black paint can be clearly seen the original RAF blue grey colour. Underneath on the frame gearing I found some more serial numbers and on the headset stamped into the frame is RAF then a serial number. Any suggestions as to how to take the black off but retain the blue would be very welcome.




3 thoughts on “RAF Armstrong bicycle tear down.

  1. hello from Australia,
    while searching the net, trying to find info about a bicycle I just purchased, came across your post and pics, I have a very similar Armstrong bike, 26inch wheels, however mine single speed, with no carrier or lights, has RAF and serial no 255632, has a more modern, but still old leather seat, but newer black handle grips. Mine looks to still have the original RAF Blue Grey paint. chrome is a little rusty, but everything works. Nice to see another bike the same out there even if they are 1000s of kms apart. happy for a reply email if you like and i’ll forward you some of my pics. Good luck with your restoration, ive only had mine a couple of weeks and looking at keeping as is for a while.

    • Hi Russell

      That’s fantastic. The bicycle I have is probably in slightly rougher condition than yours by the sounds of it. Irritatingly someone has painted the bike black really badly. I can see the blue paint underneath but have no idea how to strip the black back without stripping everything off. My intention is to return it to roadworthy condition some how. It’s great to hear of another one. I have no real idea what date it comes from but I am guessing 40s to 50s. Of course the bicycles could have been adapted and changed over the years but the frame still remains. Anyway, it is great to hear that there is another out there and thank you very much for getting in touch. Best wishes, Andy

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