Cumberland Pencil Company.

On one of my Sunday afternoon trawls around e bay I came across this delightful bundle of pencils up for grabs. Like my other Air ministry stamped pencils, these ones, made by the Cumberland Pencil company up in Keswick, (ahhh Keswick, Cumbria, Gods county I miss you so much) are marked ‘war drawing’ instead of AM. They are HB lead pencils. Tied up in their original bundle and in immaculate un used condition. I can’t bring myself to break up the grouping. These pencils were not painted as paint was on short supply during the war. The cumberland pencil company are releasing this year a replica of the RAF escape pencil that amazingly contained a map inside it. The user would snap the pencil to reveal an escape map. I have never seen one of these but unlike other utility pencils of the war, this one was painted green.




2 thoughts on “Cumberland Pencil Company.

  1. Hello Andrew,
    This might sound very odd but I believe I bought these pencils, or an identical set, in a shop in Lechlade last week. The bundle is exactly the same, right down to the string!
    I run a stationery business so have started to look out for interesting items like these. I’ll be putting a photo on social media soon, so if you’re interested please reply and I’ll send you the link.

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