Vintage Architects Bench and tall chair

Just a couple of hours ago I acquired this architects desk and tall chair. Made out of lovely wood and angled by a huge metal bracket at either side it certainly fills my living room. After some effort and a lot of struggling up 6 flights of stairs all on my lonesome I managed to shoe horn the chair into the flat. The chair interestingly has the GVIR monogram and crown symbol underneath. It also has a date stamp of 1940 and makers initials although in the fading light of Brussels I am struggling to make that out. It’s the better halts Birthday today. Waiting for her to come home from work and see the monster in the corner is somewhat nerve racking. Anyway, the pair are a lovely addition and keeping to the theme of government furniture, the tall and unusual chair tops it off.

Tomorrow I’m popping back to Blighty, and as a treat and all going well I’m picking up a captains chair with the air ministry symbol underneath! I’ll pop some pics up shortly of that. I’ve also just invested in an Elliot small mantel clock from 1939 so really looking forward to seeing that.





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