Scrubb a dub dub

Here is a 1927 dated GRV marked washbasin and stand. The basin itself has a winged RAF crest, two scalloped soap recesses and the original plug. Underneath is a shelf and waste pipe. Possibly use day some point in the field and as a piece of ‘campaign furniture’. When I purchased it the unit had been lime waxed and looked slightly worse for wear. I used Colron wax remover to dissolve the old wax then re polished the stand with clear finishing wax. The rear panel i suspect is a later addition as it doesn’t match the other sides and appears to have been overlaid on too of the original which can be seen on the inside with three small holes drilled in, possibly for once present waste pipes. The exterior panel now covers these up. A lovely item that one day I will plumb in to use. Some exposed copper pipes and overhanging taps would look beautiful.

I purchased this piece from David Farnsworth at






2 thoughts on “Scrubb a dub dub

  1. I have a wash basin indentical to this but has a G R stamp on the back. Can you help me identify my wash basin with stand?


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