For King and country.

Here is a pair of medals awarded to 96653 2 airman A J Adcock RAF during the First World War. Researching an airmans service history used to be quite tricky. Records for Army and Navy servicemen are widely available through the national archives having been released after 75 years. However for the RAF, most records are still retained by the RAF at Cranwell and to get records for example of WW2 servicemen, one needs to send in death certificates of the deceased if they have passed away, and signed permission of the next of kin along with a £30 fee. I only know this as I am having to go through this to get my grandfathers records. Anyway. Officer records for WW1 are also easily available on line but enlisted men’s hadn’t been released or so I thought until I checked today. A link from the RAF museum sent me to which has RAF WW1 records now accessible for a small fee. Finally I could see the records for a chaps medals I have had since I was 15. Mr Adcock was a Fitter in the RAF. His records can be seen below along with the roll call for the time. The medals are the British War medal (blue and orange ribbon) and the Victory medal. Awarded to pretty much everyone who fought I. The conflict. To finally research them put a smile on my face. Makes the whole collecting thing worth while.







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