RAF Crosby on Eden

When I was a boy I often took long walks with my grandad across the fields of Laversdale where he lived with my gran. Being a good friend of the farmers in the area we freely wandered around what were old buildings from the former RAF Crosby on Eden near Carlisle and Brampton. Not much remains of the old airfield so research is tricky and the World Wide Web bears little fruit. I recently emailed the RAF museum to see if the have any plans for Crosby and to my surprise they did. Indeed, the museum holds the plans for all if the RAF stations in the UK. For a small fee I was able to order a copy of these and they soon landed through my letter box. Having got these, I will in the near future take a wander round each site to document what is left. If anyone knows of any more artefacts regarding RAF Crosby on Eden then please feel free to let me know.




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