Where on Earth am I going to put this? RAF station Bell

Whilst on my field break from work I found myself trawling auction sites as you do, and stumbled upon this Bell and 3 of its brothers and sisters at http://www.dominicwinter.co.uk the auctioneers. Air Ministry Bells come up frequently on e bay but always fetch a huge price, that sadly due to wedding savings duty I can never afford from month to month. I am by no means an expert on these, that responsibility I would pass to someone like David Farnsworth at the historic flying clothing Company who has been dealing in these for decades, but I have noticed a few styles of bell that were used. The typical ‘scramble’ bell as it has become known due to Battle of Britain films usually has a crown structure built on top which is a common feature in bells that allows them to be hung in church steeples. Some don’t have this crown, instead having a bold and screw combination on top. The markings on the bells also vary, with some having a simple AM marking to large ornate AM and crowns engraved into the bell face. Anyway, seeing this bell in the auction catalogue thought what the hec and placed an absentee bid. The one I bid on has a screw threat and bolt on top and comes with the bracket it was hung off. There were two others that had the crown hanger on top. These had been polished and chromed too. Thinking they would fetch more than I could afford and not able to tell if they were fakes, I didn’t bid on them. I was right! But surprisingly I won the one I did bid on. The parcel containing it has just arrived at my girlfriends mums house back in the UK, so I’m looking forward to popping over after xmas. Lord only knows where I am going to keep this beast though. Below are some snaps the auctioneer sent me of the bell.






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