Captains Chair restoration.

A wee while ago I discovered this Captains Chair on e bay marked up with AM markings on the underside. After some research through the IWM photo archive and RAF museum at Hendon I deduced that this pattern of chair with its individual leg style was particular to the RAF. The Army and other Government departments had their own similar but different pattern and were marked with GRVI underneath rather than AM. Anyway. After getting the chair back and realising it was in poor condition and had been completely stripped of its original finish with the unwanted result that the stripping chemicals had also loosened the joints and dried the wood, I decided to have it restored. And so off it went to a chap in Carlisle to get stripped down and saved. Here is the end result. As it happened the chap doing the repairs was a former joiner/carpenter from the former RAF 14mu in carlisle where many items of furniture had been stored and repaired. Safe to say, this chap knew what to do and what colour to stain it to get it back to its wartime glory.






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