“Scramble chaps, tally ho!”

After a wee whiley of looking I finally stumbled upon a large RAF station bell, or ‘scramble’ bell as they are more affectionately known. Weighing an absolute tonne I have no idea how these things were ever supported safely. It is however an amazing item. Stamped with, and I say that in the loosest form as the engraving is very crisp and sharp, the AM and crown motif and 1938 date. On the crown shaped hanger are the letters ATW and the government issue crows foot arrow marking. If any one can enlighten me as to what ATW represents then feel free to give me a shout. The bell sadly is minus the clanger but in the recesses of the crown hanger can still be seen some of the red paint that this bell would have been coloured with at one time. The inside of the bell also has a liberal splash of white paint. A really lovely and collectible item. Something I have been looking for for quite some time. If I can’t mount it anywhere due to the colossal weight and not wanting to rip a wall down in my flat, it may come in handy as a random door stop! Like many nowadays sought after items of RAF wartime artefacts, these bells were largely removed from RAF stations in the 50s and 60s and casually discarded for scrap, much like many a bracket and wall clock. Criminal when you think about it today.






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