Tick tick tick tick tick brrrrrrrrring!

On my travels again with the fiance, I stumbled upon this type 1 RAF white dial clock, metal dial. In its original delapidated condition and sadly missing the rest of the clock 😦 this dial is however still full of character. The previous owner had had it since the 1960s when he acquired it from a clock dealer who had purchased a crate of old wall clocks from the RAF. The dealer was shipping them to America and stripping them of their military dial and replacing them with something more contemporary. Hence the dial being left on its own. A traversty it has to be said but at least something of the clock remains in this country.

The type 1 fusee wall clock for the RAF ran in production from 1918-1943 however very few were made for the RAF prior to 1935. There were various manufacturers during this period including GBE, Elliot,McKenzie,Potts,Davall and SM&Co.

The George VI RAF crest on this example would indicate that it was produced by SM&Co in 1940 . Elliot crests were slightly better proportioned that the more squat SM&Co mark.

The dial itself is very rusty and the paint is badly flaking. Two feet on the rear have also disappeared. The dials often corroded especially around the feet base as the feet were made of brass including copper and the dials were made of iron. As a result an electrolytic reaction takes place in any damp surroundings and rust develops. I myself think it all adds to its character and one day I will hopefully find a clock to re-unite it with.




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