I’m getting good at this! Another AM captains chair.

Today I took delivery of two captains chairs I won at auction.  Having looked through the auction catalogue I noticed the characteristic leg design of an Air Ministry pattern on one of the chairs in the listing.  I placed my bids over the phone and hurrah I won.  Russell my regular courier dropped the chairs off today and upon turning over the one I noticed, with bated breath, to my delight there were the typical markings of the Air Ministry – a small AM and crown logo stamped into the underside of the seat.  This one also has the date 1940 stamped in to the wood and the makers signature of … Something something, makers Wycombe.  I can’t quite make it out sadly.  Interestingly too the chair has roughly painted on it, the words HQ Wing.  I wonder which station this was on.  If only one knew.  Anyway.  Here are some photographes of the latest find.