RAF Squires Gate – Sunny Blackpool

Having moved back to Gods country from lovely old Brussels and having some time on my hands after incurring a slight injury at work I thought I would go for a small wander to escape my bed and the house for a while. 

Down the road on the Southern edge of Blackpool is what was Blackpool airport and in a former life, RAF Squires gate.

The aerodrome was requisitioned by the Air Ministry in 1938.Three bituminous runways were laid to support operations, with squadrons stationed at RAF Squires Gate during the Second World War including:

  • 63 Squadron September 1939 to January 1940
  • 75 Squadron, September 1939 to January 1940
  • 215 Squadron, September 1939 to January 1940
  • No. 96 Squadron
  • No. 256 Squadron

RAF Coastal Command also established an operational base on site, and expanded RAF Warton to act as a satellite airfield.

The RAF also selected Blackpool as one of its training wings due to the availability of accommodation. With training based between Squires Gate and RAF stations at Weeton and Kirkham, by utilising: the large number of guest houses; plus the beaches, pier and the Winter Gardens for exercising; 769,673 recruits received their basic training at Blackpool. The RAF also established two specialist training schools:

  • No. 3 School of General Reconnaissance
  • No. 5 School of Technical Training, for air mechanics

My Grandfather was trained at Blackpool during the war during his stint as an airframe fitter.

Below are some pictures of an Accommadation block and pill boxes that still remain standing and Squires gate.












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