Not Strictly AM but oh so so nice. – US folding chairs.

And Voila.  Here we have 3 US World War Two issued folding chairs.  An intricate and interesting folding mechanism allows these seats to fold flat and compact.  Unlike British wartime folding chairs these American chairs are a lot mor intricate and the attention to detail is great.  Detailing to the Legs and well engineered metal components and well constructed plywood seat sections make these chairs stand out.  These chairs were produced under contract by various companies.  Many were issued to the U.S. Forces.  Like British equipment that was stamped with government department marks such as AM for air ministry, items issued to the American forces were stamped with the U.S. Motif.  The main company producing these chairs was the American Seating Company from Grand Rapids which owned the patent for these chairs. Designed by and  Assigned to Walter N Ordmark on Oct 9 1941.  Two of these chairs have their signature on them.  the Royal Metal MFG company was another as can be seen by the signature of one of the chairs.  Lovely chairs that certainly stand out.  These were purchased in the UK after probably being left here following the cessation of WW2 and American forces leaving the UK for home.


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