Early Billet bedside shelf.

One thing I have noted during my research and spotted on many early RAF images is a small bedside shelf that lays between beds in shared billets.  A predecessor of the 1950s bedside cupboard that turns up quite frequently, I didn’t think I would ever find one of these early bunk room pieces of furniture.  

Whilst trawling e bay however I came accross what I thought might be one.  Recognising the arched legs at the sides I took a punt and purchased it.  On collection I found the shelf in excellent condition.  Stained a dark brown as was the way with many RAF furniture and indeed military items, this shelf is stamped GRV for George the 5th and also with the makers mark HA&S and dated 1917.  Interestingly this stamp is on the top of the unit.  

Although not stamped with the Air Ministry markings, which can be explained by the pre RAF nature of the piece, it is of government issue and exactly the same as furniture in early photographs suggesting it could have been used by the RFC and then RAF once it formed.  

A Lovely and well loved item and one I will cherish.  This shelf came courtesy of  Innes wills and estate services. Their website is http://www.inneswills.co.uk and they are based near Huddersfield.



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