Time to take my medicine!

I recently popped along to see Bob Gardner of aeroclocks and ended up purchasing a couple of clocks.  The first one is a rare RAF white hospital small mantel clock.  Produced by Stockall Marple and Co, the movement is dated 1939.  The clock is currently away being restored.  Here are some pictures of the movement prior to a service and light clean. More pictures are to follow once the clock is complete.



Golly gosh, AM chairs in the good old US of A

Whilst relaxing in my armchair with a bottle of beer and a cream cake on a sunny Saturday afternoon, low and behold an email pinged up in my inbox from a chappy called Lawrence Jackmin from the USA.  He wanted some information regarding some chairs he had found with an AM Mark on.

What he had purchased was a set of 1960s dated Air Ministry marked chapel chairs.  These chairs were in the style of chapel chairs with a box section to the rear for the row seated behind to store their bibles, hymn sheets etc.  

The chairs were produced by Gomm brothers who made furniture for the armed forces.  Sadly they are no longer in existence. Formed in 1907 in High Wycombe where so many furniture manufacturers were based, during the 1940s windsor chairs were their biggest range.  The company was taken over by Joynson Holland and co wherein production moved to Abercromby works. In 1989 they closed.

Here are some pictures of the chairs.  Notice a clear difference in style compared to 1930s and 1940s chairs.