Golly gosh, AM chairs in the good old US of A

Whilst relaxing in my armchair with a bottle of beer and a cream cake on a sunny Saturday afternoon, low and behold an email pinged up in my inbox from a chappy called Lawrence Jackmin from the USA.  He wanted some information regarding some chairs he had found with an AM Mark on.

What he had purchased was a set of 1960s dated Air Ministry marked chapel chairs.  These chairs were in the style of chapel chairs with a box section to the rear for the row seated behind to store their bibles, hymn sheets etc.  

The chairs were produced by Gomm brothers who made furniture for the armed forces.  Sadly they are no longer in existence. Formed in 1907 in High Wycombe where so many furniture manufacturers were based, during the 1940s windsor chairs were their biggest range.  The company was taken over by Joynson Holland and co wherein production moved to Abercromby works. In 1989 they closed.

Here are some pictures of the chairs.  Notice a clear difference in style compared to 1930s and 1940s chairs.



2 thoughts on “Golly gosh, AM chairs in the good old US of A

  1. I do believe we may have a British Invasion on our hands (sorry couldn’t resist). Here in little ‘ol Windsor, Virginia, USA… I think I have a piece of Air Ministy furniture. I just happily acquired a large flat file, originally sold by John Walsh Ltd, Sheffield. Along with that engraving, there is almost the exact same GVIR and crown mark as your “Ex Governement/Military Chair”. Additionally, there are the marks “A.M” and “39”. I will happily send you photos when I get the chance, if you don’t mind. You don’t know how excited I was to track down your website and this information! I’d greatly appreciate any information or thoughts you might have.

    • Hi Katrina. My email is airministrybybuttons@hotmail.com. Some pictures would be fantastic and any help I can offer I am happy to give. It’s amazing that some AM stuff ended up over in the USA and thank you for the warm words about my site. I haven’t posted on it for a while so it’s great to hear some people find it helpful. Best wishes , Andy

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