Air Ministry/RAF folding chairs.

In my endeavours to collect folding chairs to start a chair rental business with the better half, I came across a couple of RAF folding chairs in amongst a group I bought. These two are in good sturdy condition. One has a clear Air Ministry crown and stores reference code of 21B/890 stamped in paint on its underside. The other quite interestingly has the stores reference code stamped into the frame. The same code has also been painted roughly alongside too. The stamping is faint but evident more so in good light. It nearly snook under the radar. Both are lovely examples of RAF folding chairs, used over the years no doubt in briefing rooms, offices, out in the field etc etc. covered in plenty of dinks and knocks all of which show their age and history off beautifully.

I am selling these to raise money for my wedding.  I have listed them on eBay on my username andybell1981 or feel free to drop me a message on here to enquire.



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