Tick Tock Tick Tock Brrrrrrrrring!

After struggling to find a genuine RAF fusee wall clock at a price that wasn’t well above the value I stumbled across this clock on an auctions website and thought I would take a punt.  The auctioneers – Victor Mee over in the Republic of Ireland – were more than helpful and sent me over a condition report and some pictures of the clock and the movement for me to study.  I used the bible of RAF clocks, Bob Gardners ‘History of clocks in the RAF’. And decided that this one was worth a go and that it was genuine.

The clock was being sold as an estate sale of a Right Reverand who had not long passed and had been his property for many many a decade.

On the day of the auction I received a telephone call to allow me to bid and after some frustratingly last second bidding by another chappy, I won.  Seventy notes for delivery from the Emerald Isle and bish bash bosh the clock landed at my door.

The clock is a type 1 single fusee 8 day clock produced by Elliot’s.  Dated 1941 and with the serial number 13789 which falls within the bracket for the 6000 white dial clocks produced by elliot in 1941. ( 13213-19670 ) .

The dial face is in unrestored condition.  The rivets holding the movement to the dial can be seen cracking the dials paint.  The hands have light surface rust and are the correct elliot straight type unlike the more shaped SM&CO style.  On the rear box the stamp for Elliot can be seen on the top left corner.  A very Faint A crown M logo can also be seen above the elliot signature.  The date stamp can also be seen with 19…. I can’t make out the rest sadly.  The RAF crest on the dial face is typical of Elliot’s clocks of 1941.

A lovely clock that in original condition is a real gem.

clock 1clock 2clock 3clock 4clock 5clock 6clock 7clock 8clock 9


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