Edward VIII dial.

Here we have another White dial wall clock dial.  In unrestored condition as can be seen by the crazing on the paint and the attempted repairs to the dial feet where filler has been used but not repainted, this dial interestingly had the RAF and laurel motif with the crown of Edward VIII. This makes the dial pretty rare as Edward was only on the throne for a few months in 1937.  Dials bearing his crown were replaced after his abdication with only a few reappearing in 1941 when Elliot made its last batch of large mantel clocks from odds and sods.  Another interesting point is that on the reverse of the dial in light pencil  are the words ‘signal office’ – presumably indicating which room or building the clock may have been situated in.  I googled RAF signal office and found that the signals office was often located in an airfields watch tower.  A lovely dial that would look great back in a clock or simply gracing someone’s lavvy wall. 



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