A few weeks ago whilst going about my merry way erecting a marquee, my phone rang. It was Ewbanks auctions down on the south coast calling about a phone bid on a clock I’d seen.  Needless to say I’d forgotten about it.  Bidding had commenced and after a few panicked bids of my own, the clock was mine.  Now all I needed to do was keep it quiet from the better half.  So sssssssh don’t tell her.  Anyway, the clock arrived yesterday. Sitting with all my other items I don’t think she has realised yet. 

For your viewing pleasure I have purchased a 1941 stamped, Elliot single fusee movement, 14″ white dial clock with RAF crest.   The clock is in original condition with a lovely yellowing dial face with some crazing and cracking to the paint and some deterioration around the usual movement feet location.  The case is in untouched condition.  The rear of the case has usual paint runs associated with the RAF redecorating but not bothering to remove the clock from the wall beforehand.  The rear has a crack to it but it just adds to the character. There isn’t a makers mark stamp on the back box although from 1941 onwards this practice was rarely done.  The bezel has been blackened in line with the tone down standard introduced in 1942.  The hinge is also a properly finished example and not an untidy example of using whatever hinge they could lay their hands on.  

This is a lovely clock in original condition that will certainly look good on any wall. 



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