EC&W RAF Small mantel clock

And Voila, here is my latest purchase.  By sheer luck I stumbled upon this clock in an Aladins cave of clocks.  The location of which will remain hush hush for the time being.  

This clock was produced by the English Clock and Watch manufacturers Ltd.  Formed by H Williamson Ltd when it merged with Grinshaw, Baxter and JJ Elliot after FW Elliot left in 1921.  

This clock is a few mil different in size compared to the Elliot made clocks and has different hands.  The dial has a gold tint and the winged crest is heavily engraved and wax filled.

The case has a crack running up it, probably the result of sitting above a radiator or fire at some point.  It doesn’t detract from the overall condition of the clock. 

On the underside of the clock are stamped the markings EC&W (the w not quite complete) and crown and GRV letters for George the Fifth. Also stamped is the date 1927.

The movement is also marked EC&W and has the serial number 66586.

A lovely clock that illustrates the history and progression of RAF small mantle clocks in the years leading up to the domination of Elliot and SM&Co.



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