Elliot type 3 wall clock.

Towards the end of ww2,whilst austerity still existed, the RAF obtained sufficient funds to purchase the Elliott 7779 clock.  This had an oak case and a springer rather than fusee movement. By omitting the fusee to equalise the torque in the spring, the movement would run for 12 days with accurate time keeping for the first 8.  

The movement type is not the only difference with earlier Elliot type 1 clocks.  The hands were also of a different style.  The rear box was smaller to cater for the smaller tapered springer movement. The box was also screwed down rather than pegged. Movements were also numbered but not date stamped. 

According to Bob Gardner or aeroclocks, serial number ran from 1311 to 9347 suggesting a run of some 8000 clocks.

Below is an example of a type 7779 clock that I acquired recently at auction.

In un-restored condition and as was, the RAF emblem on the dial has been wiped off but its footprint can still be clearly seen. Returning this emblem is on my to do list.  In great condition just needing a little tlc. 



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