Elliot 1941 White Dial wall clock.

Here we have a 1941 dated Elliot White Dial wall clock.  Made to the typical 14″ size of dial face and in quality oak, the clock is in original in touched condition.  The RAF motif as with so many of these clocks has been removed.  The original tone down finish for the period has also been removed presumably over the decades however remnants of paint to the bezel can still be seen.  The movement is stamped with the usual Elliot signature and Air Ministry attributed serial number and date of 1941.  The back box is also stamped 1941 and the Elliot signature can be faintly seen above this.  The clock is missing its pendulum and there is a slight scratch to the glass.  All in all a lovely clock as is always the way with those produced by Elliot.  



5 thoughts on “Elliot 1941 White Dial wall clock.

  1. I have just acquired an identical clock. Like this example I cannot see that it has ever had any logos on the face where most of these seem to have some logo; is this common? My clock is in poor condition, may I ask what are they worth when running and serviced (I intend to get my one repaired and restored)

    • Hey Sean. Not all of the clocks had the RAF logo applied. It may have an air ministry logo and date stamped in the top left corner of the back box. I wouldn’t go ott with any restoration. Order of the day is that original untouched condition clocks sell better. Running well values vary between £450 and £1250

      • Many thanks for your prompt response. I have taken the clock to our local clock repair shop in Derbyshire who were actually pleased with the condition (apparently they are over-engineered and robust) and are going to do a mechanical restoration leaving the case in original condition. I have a space waiting on the living room wall for it’s return! I’m not sure how you post photos on here?

  2. Hi Andy,
    Do you have an email address; my clock is now restored and resplendent on the wall of my small stone cottage. I would love to share some before and after photos if you would be interested?
    Best wishes,

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