21B/447 Chair arm folding find.

After a trip to the RAF Museum Reserve collection some time ago and viewing the catalogue of RAF issued furniture from the 1930s, I managed to stumble upon one of the rarer chairs that were issued early on in RAF history.  Here we have a gorgeous folding steamer chair or as the catalogue states, ‘chair arm foldin’ stores code reference 21B/447, the 447 indicating that this is a very early pattern of furniture.  

The chair has a weaved backing and vynide seat covering fastened by studs to the frame.  The chair is not stamped with the AM logo rather a small WK and crown symbol that is found on other Air Ministry issue equipment including clocks and other furniture.  

A lovely piece that is certainly incredibly rare and in great condition.  Oh and apologies for the poor pictures. Moving home has meant a decent backdrop is hard to find.


Too much time on my hands.

Yesterday I arrived home from work offshore knowing I had been a bad boy with regards to my spending.  Today the fruits of my off shift antics became a reality when 3 large parcels arrived at my house.  Inside each box was a solitary Small mantle clock.  And here they are. This time I managed to get myself on a stunning 1927 EC&W powered clock, a 1939 Elliott and gorgeous 1936 SM&Co clock interestingly also stamped with a Royal Observer corps reference number stamped on the underside. See snaps below.

Time to break my silence.

Well 2016 was certainly a year to forget for so many reasons but here we go with 2017 and hopefully it will be a good one.  The last few months I must apologise for being quiet.  House moves and buying up clocks and furniture rather took over my time mixed in with a bit of work offshore.  

Anyway.  My New Years resolution is to progress my site and sell some stock.  

One of the first things to arrive at chez Bell is this untouched and well worn 1941 movement and dial from a large dome too mantel clock.  The bezel on this clock is the giveaway along with the large dial face.  In rough condition this Elliott produced fusee movement will hopefully work up a treat once my clock maker has worked his magic.  The dial is in great original condition and the glass, although separate from the bezel I’m sure can be rescued.  If anyone has a spare case kicking about, pleeease feel free to get in touch.