Hurrah. After a few weeks away my upholsterer at the amazing Reloved Upholstery in Manchester has come up trumps again.  These two gorgeous chairs will be for sale through the Reloved upholstery website shortly.  The chairs came from the ATC unit still at Biggin Hill who were disposing of surplus items some years ago.  They had been gifted the chairs from the RAF station as it closed.  I acquired these chairs and have had them in storage until now.  The old destroyed coverings were removed and the internals renewed and replaced like for like where required to keep as much of the chairs original as possible.  The frames were all stamped with the AM mark and some a 1944 date.  An original example of the chair can be found at the RAF museum reserve collection at Stafford.  These chairs have been covered in London Underground coverings and conform to all modern fire standards etc.  The frames have been stripped and repolished.   Really lovely chairs expertly restored. 



3 years ago whilst living in sunny Brussels I found in the wonder that is eBay, a genuine Air Ministry RAF reclining chair.  Now, as fate would have it I purchased the chair only to be emailed shortly after to say it was gone, and being in Belgium I could do nothing about it.  Anyway, after licking my wounds, and purchasing every other RAF chair, clock, coat hanger or anything AM I could find in withdrawal I have finally found and had delivered a beautiful RAF reclining chair. Rare as hens teeth this beautiful chair is original apart from the new covering that replaced the destroyed old vynide.  These chairs are often seen in dispersal images and ante rooms. This chair is constructed of oak and is AM stamped and dated on the underside. The year is 1939. A makers signature in west Wycombe can also be seen.  Enjoy the pics .

Brews up Sir!

Recently landed at my house was another stunning little pre-war China officers mess cup.  Perfect for that espresso. With a lovely blue and gold guilt border to both the cup and saucer and amazingly detailed RAF crest to both again, this set was produced by George Jones and Sons and Royal Daulton.