1920s RAF billet bedside shelving unit.

Whilst browsing the depths of eBay I stumbled across a small shelving unit that I recognised from photo research I have been doing.  I found this small unit that would have once lived alongside an airmans bed in their billet or barrack block.  I have also recently found some lockers that would have been in these early blocks too and hung above the airmans bed.  This unit has a beautiful towel rail on the back of it and is beautifully constructed for such a run of the mill item.  Check out the picture of an RAF 1920s billet to see how such a unitvwould have been placed and also the presence of the overhead lockers.  


One thought on “1920s RAF billet bedside shelving unit.

  1. Interesting reading. I have one of these that had been left in an outhouse in a house I owned nearly 30 years ago. It was painted in yellow so I sent it to be stripped and found when returned the wood to be dark stained. Its been waxed and in use again ever since and has moved house with me twice. Your article corroborates the old neighbour who said the son of the house brought it home from his time in RAF. So now I know its about 100 years old.

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