Elliot type 1 white dial clock.

Here we have a lovingly restored type 1 Elliot white dial.  Although many people dread owning a restored clock for lack of authenticity, this clock needed the work doing to rescue it.  The dial has been repainted and the movement beautiful serviced and the case cleaned.  The movement is clearly stamped with the Elliot signature and a 1941 date.  The rear box has a wonderful AM Elliot stamp to the bottom centre unlike in the usual top left corner and is dated 1938. Presumably at some point in the clocks service with the RAF, a younger movement was fitted .  A lovely clock with a lovely history.


1938 SM&Co mantel clock.

Finally oh finally I managed to open this clocks case.  After purchasing at auction it arrived with the rear door locked and key rattling about inside.  None of my spares would work and fearing the worst of possibly having to jimmy it open, I remembered the first mantel I purchased from Bexhill was an SM&Co too and had the key. To my joy it’s key worked and hey presto here are some pictures of it.  A lovely SM&Co clock, in original condition. Pendulum lock is still present and the silvering on the dial is in great condition.  A beautiful clock which would look fantastic in any home.