1939 Elliott Small Mantle Clock

The next item to recently arrive is this lovely 1939 Elliott single fusee Small Mantle Clock. In as found condition and by the looks of the years of grime and patina on the movement, in untouched condition. The case is in fantastic condition and the silvering on the dial remains in good condition. 


Item 2 AM chair in disguise.

Another of the items delivered by Russell was this 1937 dated AM stamped chair that someone in the past has decided to paint white.  Now I’m not one to go changing original furniture and when I saw this one I thought I’d better rescue it even though it has been liberally covered up.  Showing all the usual characteristics of chair general purpose 21B/538 from the RAFs pattern book the frame is in excellent sturdy condition, the AM markings and date are still clearly visible through the paint and it is complete. A lovely chair that will end up in the white office upstairs. 

Latest delivery arrived at last.

Hurrah at last Russell my courier arrived with my latest finds.  Here is the first item, a stunning 14″ white dial RAF station clock.  In untouched original condition.  The movement is dated 1941 and made be Elliott.  The box and case are dated 1938 suggesting a marriage at some point when being repaired.  The back box itself has a beautiful AM and crown stamp to the top left corner and also fantastically has retained a stores sticker applied post war and also the often seen stores reference numbers and ‘R’ symbol with correct code for a white dial clock stencilled on in white paint.  All lovely original markings that add to the history of the clock.  The bezel is painted in the regular black tone down finish too.  This one is a keeper I think.