1939 Elliott Small Mantle Clock

The next item to recently arrive is this lovely 1939 Elliott single fusee Small Mantle Clock. In as found condition and by the looks of the years of grime and patina on the movement, in untouched condition. The case is in fantastic condition and the silvering on the dial remains in good condition. 


3 thoughts on “1939 Elliott Small Mantle Clock

  1. Greetings. Thanks for continuing to keep things interesting with the collections.
    I have a couple of questions related to the Elliott 14 inch dial wall clocks and the 6 inch dial mantle clocks.
    Can you provide the details on the suspension springs, width, thickness and length between pin holes for those clocks? It would also be great to have pendulum information on total length from the top suspension pin to the bottom of the pendulum rod and bob weight. I also wonder if you know the differences between the mechanism used on the wall and mantle clocks? I have a spare mantle clock case and dial and three spare mechanisms but I do not know if any of them will work in a mantle clock since the pendulum is much shorter.
    Regards, Bob Lee

  2. Hi
    Nice web site. Been collecting military timepieces for some years. Collect any type military issued clocks and watches and chronometers from various countries as long as they look cool a bad habit. Just added my first RAF F.W. Elliott mantle clock should get it next week. My movement serial number not far off from yours. My serial number being 5786 made in the same year 1939. Was hard to find some one in England to ship one to the USA. Mine has a replacement back door on the case probably a long shot if you got a spare door in your parts collection you willing to sell let me know. The replacement door mite be OK I will wait till it’s delivered you look at the front any way. I been looking at your site for a few years it got me were I went on the hunt for one probably the last big clock I am running out of space.

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