Finally another!!

Whilst sitting in my hotel room the night before heading offshore for two weeks and waiting on the better half to face time after a bag of chocolate peanuts, I stumbled upon another reclining chair on eBay .  Not quite sure if my eyes were deceiving me I thought, why not.  I bid on it and to my surprise won it after a few days and being the only bidder too.  The description didn’t do the chair justice.  The pictures were terrible but underneath all the hideous upholstery I prayed there would be the remnants of an incredibly rare AM reckoning chair.  These chairs were amongst the earliest of RAF pattern chairs and besides from their amazing history, they are extremely attractive and contemporary today.  After a course in Aberdeen some weeks later I bobbed across to Inverurie near Aberdeen where the chair was and picked it up.  Quickly putting it in the boot I shot off and a few hours down the road had to stop and look to see if it had any markings.  In an ASDA car park in carlisle, there was a 35 year old man dancing around with joy at the sight of the AM markings on the chairs frame.  HALLELUJAH!  Once home I stripped the old upholstery to reveal the original green vynide or what was left of it in terms of the seat base.  I cleaned it and wow it now looks fantastic.  These chairs were used all over RAF bases from officers messes to squadron dispersals. Despite their large production, today these chairs are incredibly rare and a lovely item of furniture.  This one has the AM marking and a makers mark and a 1942 date stamp. Best find yet.


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