White dial rescue mission.

Some time ago I purchased this 1939 Elliot manufactured white dial clock.  The clock was purchased from a lady living on the Shetland Isles and is in terrible condition.  The case is badly marked, has overspray on it from an aerosol of some kind, is dusty and grubby. The lock from the bottom door had also been removed and a crude latch installed. The movement is grubby and covered in oil although happily ticks away.  The dial has seen better days and where an RAF crest would more than likely have been there is a square overpainted patch and one of the dial feet had broken free.   There was no glass whatsoever too. When I saw the clock advertised I had no idea if it was of RAF origin.  Photos were limited to just the dial . When I received it however, looking over it I found the AM stamp to the rear box, usual Elliot markings and serial to the movement and on the side door a lovely stores sticker from the 1950s when the clock was presumably placed upon a shelf and catalogued.  

The clock has sat on my shelves for some time now as I couldn’t make up my mind what to do with it.  It was too  battered to be sold as an untouched example as it has gone beyond that grubby original look to looking more like a wreck. I therefore decided to sympathetically restore it.  The dial will be repainted as it is too far gone just now to justify only a minor bit of work such as replacing the crest.  The dial foot will be repaired too.  Case wise the front of the clock will be stripped and refinished but the reverse and back box will be completely untouched apart from replacing the new latch for original lock.  The movement will be only lightly oiled, not cleaned and tested. The bezel will be dusted off but left as is and new glass fitted. The hands will be left original too.  

I cannot wait to see how the clock turns out and returned to original condition.