Well, the time has come to sell one of my Sector clocks. Keeping it hidden the loft isn’t doing this clock justice and it would be fantastic to see it go to a worthy home. This clock was purchased from Bob Gardner when I took on the clock side of Aeroclocks from him and had been hanging proudly in his office. I’ll be sad to see her go but she isn’t shown to her best in my loft.

If anyone is interested just ping me a message.


15 thoughts on “RAF SECTOR CLOCK

    • Hi Jim. I’m just out working. I get home tomorrow night. I’ll see what I have on my phone just now and when I get home I’ll send some more detailed info etc. Andy

      • Hi Andy, would it be possible to forward some photo’s, brief explanation of condition and history of the clock, has it been serviced for example? what is the price you are willing now? Many thanks. David.

      • Hi David. I’m just out for the day but will send some pics later. The clock came from bob Gardner’s office when I purchased aeroclocks clock side of the business. He had the movement stripped and overhauled and the case cleaned . Leaving the back box and dial all original. It is a really lovely clock. I haven’t tested it since I bought it but will give it a wind once I’m home. It should run fine. Price would be £5000.

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