Alas, due to my lock up filling up and an impending wedding, it’s time to sell some pieces of my collection and who knows start selling properly pieces I find.

The list may be short but any items I have in my blog may also be open to offers so feel free to e mail me.

RAF Elliott 1939 Small Mantle Clock. 

Here is a 1939 dated Small Mantle Clock produced by Elliot the clock makers for the RAF.  The clock is in untouched condition.  The silvering on the dial is in good condition and the bezel is unpolished. The case is in great condition apart from a few scratches to the rear door which I am not having polished out. The rear door lock remains too but there is no key.  Both pendulum and winding key are present.  The movement is untested. It is dated 1938 and has the serial number 5793.  A beautiful clock indeed.

PRICE £1050

RAF Elliot Fusee wall clock 1941

Here we have a completely untouched 1941 Elliot white dial wall clock.  The clock is as found and has not been serviced or worked on.  The movement is dated 1941 and the date can also be seen stamped into the back box in the usual tool left corner.  The movement is complete but has not been tested as I wanted to keep it and leave it original.  The dial shows signs of wear as per age and there are two small marks to the glass.  Overall in lovely original condition.

PRICE £1400

 RAF Elliot 1938 small mantel clock

Here we have a 1938 dated small mantel clock produced by Elliot of London.  The clock comes from my own personal collection. It has been serviced and cleaned and the dial re-silvered by the craftsmen at Aeroclocks to a fantastic standard.  The movement has the original pendulum lock which is rare to find.  The case has a small crack which has been professional repaired and does not detract in any way from the clock instead gives it character.  The clock is in excellent working condition with a stunning case and beautiful training to the vaneer.


RAF Elliot Fusee wall clock 1941

Here we have a 1941 dated Elliot White Dial wall clock.  The clock has had its dial repainted and case cleaned.  The movement has also been cleaned and services .  All the work has been caried out by the craftsmen at Aeroclocks to an exceptionally high standard. The movement is stamped Elliot and has the date 1941 and serial number. The back box has been left untouched to highlight the original condition that the RAF left them in. A lovely clock in great running order.

This clock along with others is also for sale on
Please feel free to contact me for further pictures or information.

PRICE : £1400


RAF Elliot Fusee wall clock 1941

Here we have a 1941 dated Elliot White Dial wall clock. The clock is in original as found condition. The only work carried out has been a service to the movement. All the work has been carried out by the tradesmen at aeroclocks to an exceptionally high standard.  The dial is 14″ in diameter and has pitting and patina associated with age.  The RAF crest is in great condition.  The case is in good condition too.  A lovely original clock in fantastic working condition.

Please feel free to contact me for further pictures or information.

PRICE : £1100


RAF Elliot Fusee wall clock 1941

Here we have a 1941 dated Elliot White Dial wall clock. Made to the typical 14″ size of dial face and in quality oak, the clock is in original in touched condition. The RAF motif as with so many of these clocks has been removed. The original tone down finish for the period has also been removed presumably over the decades however remnants of paint to the bezel can still be seen. The movement is stamped with the usual Elliot signature and Air Ministry attributed serial number and date of 1941. The back box is also stamped 1941 and the Elliot signature can be faintly seen above this. The clock is missing its pendulum and there is a slight scratch to the glass. All in all a lovely clock as is always the way with those produced by Elliot.
This clock is offered for sale on an as seen basis or if the buyer would prefer I can carry out a restoration for a small extra fee.

PRICE : 1200

War drawing pencils

Produced during the Second work war and issued to British troops. These pencils were unpainted due to paint being rationed.

Somewhat harder to find than the more common ‘utility’ pencil these war drawing stamped pencils were produced by the Royal Sovereign Pencil Co Ltd. They are leaded pencils and in fantastic condition. I have 3 available . They would look great in any re-enactors map case.

PRICE – £3.50 each.





19 thoughts on “SHOP

  1. Hi

    I have a cupboard stamped am crown

    Made by drake and warters Ltd

    It has removable four draws a cupboard door with a lock latch

    Can I send you a picture to see if you know anything about it



  2. Hi, I wonder if you could help. We have 2 large bowls with the blue raf sign on the top, on the bottom the stamp Crescent George and sons. Madein England and indented into the bottom it looks like 7/39 and the other one 8/39. We have had theses for years and never really occurred to us where these came from and if they are at all rare. Could you tell us anything about these? Please?

    • Hi Natalie.
      Your plates are very good examples of dinner plates for an airmans mess hall. By airman I mean non-commissioned members of the RAF. The RAF motif was applied to many items such as mugs, chamber pots, etc etc however it’s use died out after 1940 so your plates can be dated to that year or earlier. The numbers on them I dare say mean the years 1939. Officers mess plates were of a different style, often with guilting applied. Your plates pop up occasionally for sale but not that often so I think they are well worth keeping hold of and are a lovely piece of history.

      Best wishes


  3. Hi. I am after details on a wooden propellor hub that i have.
    It is marked

    DRG No LA 61301
    Cheetah X
    D 7.33 P 6.96
    HRA 166115/42
    RS 6/45

    Are you able to help me please.

  4. Hello,

    I wonder if you can help: I am after purchasing a surplus desk (ex Mil / Army / War Office / Ministry of Defence). The particular type that I’m after is a mid 20th century design in a dark wood with black leatherette top and a pedestal each side – one pedestal a cupboard, one a set of drawers. I know that this design is widespread in the Army having used the type myself on many occasions. I recall that they were in Officer Cadets’ rooms at Sandhurst and in officers’ messes.

    Do you have any in stock, or are you aware of anyone that may be able to assist me in acquiring one. If so, could you provide a quote, dimensions and photos? Furthermore, if you are aware of the item that I’m looking for I would be hugely grateful. I am willing to pay well for a good example of this item.

    • Hi Darren.

      I know the type of desk you mean. I don’t sadly have any in stock at the moment. I tend to try and find RAF desks that meet the RAF Air Ministry patterns. That type of desk was not a wartime pattern. I think it came in post war. I do have some Air Ministry desks but not of that type. I will happily hunt for one of the type you are after and get back to you as soon as I do.

  5. hi, i am a proud owner of 2 elliot raf wall clocks, 1 sector clock bought from the one and only andy saunders ( bob expert) and 1 oak mantle clock , but this week a fantastic original sector clock face came my way !!! so now need a case to display, would you know of one?,

    • Hi Paul. I am still selling clocks . I did have a site powered by wix but stopped using them. I list clocks for sale in my WordPress blog that you have emailed through. Should you be interested in any items just email me back and I’ll take it from there. I haven’t set my blog shop up yet to be able to take direct sales.

      Best wishes


      • Hello Sir, my name is Daniele, from Italy.
        I’m interested in buying the “WAR DRAWING” pencils. Are they still available?
        Regards, Daniele.

  6. Hello, I have a small RAF mantel clock which is stamped with a Crown and WS, do you know what the WS stands for.
    Thank You,

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