Hurrah. After a few weeks away my upholsterer at the amazing Reloved Upholstery in Manchester has come up trumps again.  These two gorgeous chairs will be for sale through the Reloved upholstery website shortly.  The chairs came from the ATC unit still at Biggin Hill who were disposing of surplus items some years ago.  They had been gifted the chairs from the RAF station as it closed.  I acquired these chairs and have had them in storage until now.  The old destroyed coverings were removed and the internals renewed and replaced like for like where required to keep as much of the chairs original as possible.  The frames were all stamped with the AM mark and some a 1944 date.  An original example of the chair can be found at the RAF museum reserve collection at Stafford.  These chairs have been covered in London Underground coverings and conform to all modern fire standards etc.  The frames have been stripped and repolished.   Really lovely chairs expertly restored. 


Air Ministry Stick Back chair.

Hurrah, finally an Air Ministry item from close to home.  This gorgeous chair popped up on eBay recently and being from nearby to me in Thornton Clevelys, I simply had to have it.  The chair is in original condition with its original dark finish and is still very sturdy.  There is some wear and tear but what can one expect from a chair produced in 1939 and presumably flung around an RAF base most of its life. It may have even come from a local station such as Squires gate, Weeton or Kirkham.  

Stamped in the usual manor underneath with the AM and crown and also the makers name D Haines and date 1939. A lovely chair indeed. Originally given the stores reference 21B/108 this makes the pattern of chair one of the earliest in the RAF inventory.

I picked it up from the amazing Anita at ‘The Emporium’ on George’s lane in Cleveleys. Go check them out.  Well worth a visit.


Air Ministry Stickback chair.

After a few failed attempts at auction to win a chair of this type I finally managed it via the dreaded e bay and hurrah the chair arrived today.  I first saw this type of chair in a photograph of an RAF class or office scene and also in a photograph of an early RAF billet.  Thinking that the chair format was too ornate for usual Air Ministry patterns I dismissed it but it stuck in the back of my mind and to my surprise it would appear that this chair pattern was purchased and adopted by the Air Ministry pre WW2.  Of a windsor style with Stickback supports and and arm runner going the full diameter of the chair, with turned legs and a H type stretcher the chair is really lovely and very comfortable to sit in. A real gem.  I only wish I had won the other two I bid on.

This chair dates to 1938.  Made by Haines of High Wycombe the chair epicentre of Great Britain back then.  The AM and crown stamp has as usual been burned into the underside of the base.  Although not amazingly clear in the picture, the AM can be seen as can the crown impression.  The makers signature and date are also on the underside.