Hurrah. After a few weeks away my upholsterer at the amazing Reloved Upholstery in Manchester has come up trumps again.  These two gorgeous chairs will be for sale through the Reloved upholstery website shortly.  The chairs came from the ATC unit still at Biggin Hill who were disposing of surplus items some years ago.  They had been gifted the chairs from the RAF station as it closed.  I acquired these chairs and have had them in storage until now.  The old destroyed coverings were removed and the internals renewed and replaced like for like where required to keep as much of the chairs original as possible.  The frames were all stamped with the AM mark and some a 1944 date.  An original example of the chair can be found at the RAF museum reserve collection at Stafford.  These chairs have been covered in London Underground coverings and conform to all modern fire standards etc.  The frames have been stripped and repolished.   Really lovely chairs expertly restored. 


One El of a wait to get my Ellmore AM 1939 wicker chair.

Finally oh finally after 5 months of waiting, my courier has come up trumps and delivered the 1939 Air ministry stamped Ellmore wicker chair I rooted out from a random chaps old barn so long ago. These chairs seem to be considerably less well known than their contemporary wicker chair made by Lloyd loom and featured so heavily in photographs of RAF pilots lounging about like coiled springs at their dispersal points. Beautifull made and still sturdy despite some minor damage, it is wicker after all. The makers mark and AM logo ar embossed on a separate piece of material which has then been bound into the wicker structure. Along with the makers AM logo I can see faintly another AM and crown stamped on possibly after manufacture onto the same makers name strip. Perhaps made when actually issued from stores etc.

Anyway. Really chuffed at last to have found such a piece. I wonder who may have sat in it.