Too much time on my hands.

Yesterday I arrived home from work offshore knowing I had been a bad boy with regards to my spending.  Today the fruits of my off shift antics became a reality when 3 large parcels arrived at my house.  Inside each box was a solitary Small mantle clock.  And here they are. This time I managed to get myself on a stunning 1927 EC&W powered clock, a 1939 Elliott and gorgeous 1936 SM&Co clock interestingly also stamped with a Royal Observer corps reference number stamped on the underside. See snaps below.


RAF Hospital Clock

Here we have an SM&Co made small mantle clock.  Dated 1939 on the movement the clock retains its pendulum lock.  The clock case has been painted white by the RAF for use in a hospital or medical centre on an RAF station.  The clock is in stunning condition and makes a lovely alternative to the usual wooden finish of other RAF pattern clocks.





Stockhall and marple Large Mantel clock.

I recently purchased two more Large mantel clocks, both of which are in stunning stunning condition.  The first one is an example produced  by SM&Co in 1939.  The movement bears the serial number 10605 followed by company signature then date and AM and crown motif.

The case is in stunning condition and the dial is still nicely silvered.  

There isn’t really much more that can be said of these clocks other than Wowsers!  

In a previous post I featured another large mantel clock also produced by SM&Co.  The case for this one is now away being restored due to its poor condition .  If it returns in the same condition as this one then I shall be extremely happy.